7 Parts of a Belt: Their Names and Functions?

Here are the 7 parts of a belt:

  • Belt strap
  • Buckle
  • Frame
  • Prongs
  • Bar
  • Loop
  • Tongue

So if you want to learn all about the parts of a belt, their names, and their functions, then this article is for you.

Buckle up!

Table of Contents

Parts of a Belt
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#1 Belt Strap

The belt strap is the main part of the belt. It’s commonly made of leather or synthetic material that resembles the construction of leather. It serves as the main part of the anatomy of the belt.

The belt strap is the part that has holes punched inside and it’s the part where the prongs go through. It goes without saying that the belt strap is the most important part of the belt.

#2 Buckle

The buckle is the part that goes at one end of the belt. Since the belt is made up of three main pieces, the buckle is as important as the belt strap.

 The buckle itself is made of three parts: the frame, the prongs, and the bar.

#3 Frame

The frame is the base of the buckle. It’s the thing that holds the prongs and the bar in place and it’s the main part of the buckle. It’s the part that expresses the outer appearance of the buckle.

Buckle frames have an expansive history in old America; they were constantly in demand by cowboys, in fact. They’re the part of the belt that can be expressed in unique designs.

The frame can be made from different materials. Vintage frames are mostly made from stainless steel. Older designs were made from copper but that’s not the most common material nowadays because nowadays, copper is considered an expensive material.

They also come in a variety of different shapes, like oval, round, and square.

#4 Prongs

The prong, also known as the pin, and sometimes the “fork,” is the pointy part of the belt that goes through the holes in the belt strap. The Prongs are normally made of the same material as the belt frame.

The prongs are the most important part of the buckle because they’re the part that keeps the belt secured in place.

#5 Bar

The bar is the upper part of the belt buckle. It’s also made from the same material of the frame and the prongs. It’s the part of the belt that secures the belt strap in place after the prongs are poked in the buckle.

The bar has to be sturdy enough so the belt strap remains secured in the prongs. Once the bar falls off, the strap has nothing to keep it from falling off the prongs part, and the belt would then lose all of its sturdiness.

The only way to compensate for an unsecured bar is the existence of a loop in the belt itself. Without both, the belt strap will surely fall off the prongs.

#6 The Loop

The loop is the part of the belt that the belt strap goes through after putting it through the belt frame and the prongs. Without the loop, the tongue of the belt will hang down your waist.

#7 The Tongue

The tongue is at the other end of the belt. It’s the part that goes through the loop. The shorter the tongue, the smaller the belt.